Friday, 18 July 2014

G2K RAPs Summer Circus.

Our Summer Circus for Birmingham's children in care takes place on Wednesday.  We guarantee fun, smiles, laughter and a probably a pinch of chaotic mess! Children and young people will be able to talk to professionals informally, take part in creative sessions to help improve practise, feed directly into our corporate parenting board and also get to dress up as a circus clown learn and learn new skills, meet exotic animals, make amazing art and eat pizza and fruit. Can you think of a better way to start the holidays? For more information and to book in (almost full) ring 3037217. We hope to see you there! 

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Monday, 3 March 2014

2014 update!

We have been having some technical hitches so sorry that we havent wished everyone a 'happy new year' sooner but that doesn't mean we haven't been working hard behind the scenes! 

Our Christmas Winter Wonderland event was great. Over 200 people attended and nearly 100 were childrens and young people in care (Santa came too)

We have met with the Local Government Association and the Department of Education.

We have had a number of meetings and we attended a national conference for Children in Care Councils.

We are busy recruiting, recruiting and RECRUITING! so if you are in Birmingham's care or you know someone who is and would be great representing other children and young peoples voices ask them to get in touch for more information 0121 303 7217

Friday, 22 November 2013

G2K winter wonderland. 23rd December 12 o'clock.

We would love to see you at our winter wonderland event! If you are in Birmingham's care or a care leaver come and visit us at the lighthouse on the 23rd of December. 

Lovely Christmas food, fun activities, people to chat to, other children and young people and get the chance to sign up to our Children in Care Council  (and possibly a visit from a man in red?)

Letters going out next week or ring 3037217 to book your place! Places limited.

Social Workers! Why don't you arrange to meet a young person at ours? We would love your support and in return you can fill your boots with coffee and mince pies!

More information is on it's way but don't delay, book today!!!

 ; )

Thursday, 7 November 2013

corporate parenting pledge.


  Birmingham's Local Authority pledge promises children in its care it will:
  • nInvolve you in decisions that affect you and listen to your views
  • nWe will endeavour to find you the best possible place for you to live
  • nMake sure that you have every opportunity possible to achieve best at school
  • nEncourage you to take part in all available opportunities that the City has to offer to ensure your talents, hobbies and interests are met and to support you to do the things you enjoy
  • nTo take care of your health and encourage you to be healthy.
  • nTo provide you with a good and clear assessment of your needs and an up to date care plan.
  • nThat you will have your own social worker who visits you regularly and gives you details about how to contact them or someone else if they are away when you needthem
  • nHelp you stay in touch with your family, friends and other people who are important to you.
  • nWe will listen to what you say
  • nWe will work with you and give you all the help and support you need to successfully move from care to adult life.
  • nBirmingham City Council – Birmingham’s Corporate Parenting Pledge (January 2013)

Your Reviews, useful? Interesting? Informative? Waste of time?

We would really like you to tell us how involved you are in YOUR reviews.

Do you attend, do you speak lots? Do you chair your own review? (Did you know that you can?!)

Would you like to be able to attend and contribute more?

Let us know and we can ask Rights and Participation service to support you.

303 7217 and ask to speak to an Advocate. 

Saturday 16th November @l Lighthouse, Birmingham.

Are you aged 11 and over and in Birmingham's care? Any budding drama people out there? 

We would love to invite you to our event at 11am. It's an opportunity to talk to us about the positives in your life, things you might like to change and have some fun using drama. If drama isn't your thing don't worry, you don't need to take part, you could just support the others and meet new people. This event will kick start a potential drama project so if it is your thing get involved as soon as possible and shape it into something you'll enjoy. This is one of several arts based activities we can offer but are keen to do all sorts of different things but we need to hear from you!

Remember to book in!  3037217 You should have received a letter in the post. If you are a social worker reading this, firstly thank you! And secondly please encourage your young people and share our blog with your colleagues.

Young people help appoint 3 new Assistant Directors!

Young People have taken part in two different interview panels recently and interviewed eight potential new senior managers, for Tom one of our apprentices this was a new experience but one he seemed to enjoy.
I felt nervous at first because I didn’t know any of the other young people who I was going be sitting with but after like 20 minutes I felt better because we all joined in and gave our best. It’s not easy sitting in front of people you don’t know I asked if the other two young people could go first because they have done it before so I could get an idea of what I was going to be asking them. I really do think that young people should be involved because its jobs regarding young people and we know what young people would want and we know what we would want from whoever is going to be having the job! So yes I think young people should get more involved in the interviews in the future

Tom B